Classic Car Wiring Is Painless With Custom Classics


Figuring out a wiring problem, especially with classic cars, can sometimes be a nightmare. Whether your right turn signal triggers your left blinker, or your speedometer or temp gauge suddenly stops working, if you’ve owned a classic – we’ve all been there at some point. Currently, we have an Oldsmobile F-85 that came in with some similar wiring issues.

One of our mechanics Don gave us some insight on what was going wrong, “This car just had a heap of electrical issues. The coil wasn’t getting any power whatsoever. Also the instrument cluster wasn’t working because the rest of the car’s wiring wasn’t functioning properly.”







In this case, Don installed a brand new Painless Performance Classic Customizable Chassis Harness. Here at Custom Classics we can install just about any wiring harness you can find on the market. Some of the most common brands we install include Painless Performance, Infinity Box, Rob Francis Wiring Harnesses, and American Auto Wire to name a few.

“The hardest part about the installation of the harness itself is just making it fit properly into each car that you are working on the way the factory intended” Don explains to us as he carefully checks that each wire is properly in place.



Installing a new wiring harness in any restoration will more than likely be your best bet economically for a frustration-free future (at least when it comes to knowing the problem is not electrical). When you factor in the hours and money spent on diagnosing and repairing the existing harness, the amount of money spent on a new harness is a no brainer.

So whether your car’s or truck’s wipers come on when you tap the brakes (don’t laugh – we’ve seen it), or you just can’t get that dome light on, let our trained mechanics here at Custom Classics help you with your classic. Your car’s wiring is vital… and sometimes very complicated. Don says, “We take the liberty to not hide any future problems like some shops, and ensure everything is fixed before it becomes major. After we know that everything works correctly, we take the new harness out and then tape it all up to make it look identical to the original. We make sure to put everything back exactly how the factory would have had it.”

If not repaired correctly, you could run into more serious and potentially dangerous issues down the line. Call  us today to get your classic car’s or truck’s wiring checked and repaired before you head out for that cruise night or car show this summer… you’ll thank us later.

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