Of all the modifications one can make to a vehicle, an engine swap is the most interesting because it is the most radically transformative. It's akin to a heart transplant, except all too often the procedure is carried out by a mad scientist rather than by a skilled surgeon.

Results vary from hilarious to dangerous to certifiably insane. While there are many popular candidates on the market, General Motors' LS1—a V8 used in a ton of cars and trucks—is held in particularly high regard because it is affordable, reliable, and can be set up in nearly any vehicle. The LS1 has been shoehorned into Subaru Imprezas, Volvo wagons, and Volkswagen Golfs, but while those are all entertaining, they're not cars that possess the aesthetic that's well suited to a naturally aspirated V8.

An XJ6, on the other hand... now that's a car begging for eight cylinders and a throaty exhaust note. Out of the box, the XJ6 is a car packed with character and dripping with style, and adding this motor only cranks up the lust factor.

If you don't already have a tab open looking for Jags to do an LS swap with, check a mirror for your reflection, because you might be a soulless creature of the night. Contact us today to get started with your own mad scientist LS swap dreams.

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