TWIN TURBO LS6 v8, tko600 5-speed, vintage AC, custom pro-touring show car

• The beneficiary of a professional, frame-off restoration
• LS6 V/8 twin-turbo / (Capable of producing 1,000 horsepower, if boost is turned up & fuel supply is too)
• Twin Turbonetics Turbos 50/62, spring pressure set at only 6lbs. and turbo set at 9psi. (Currently de-tuned for driveability but capable of A LOT more power)
• Dyno sheet available, currently produces ~506 hp with boost turned way down.
• TKO 600 5 -speed manual transmission
• Vintage Air conditioning
• Two-tone Custom leather interior / Modern audio
• Custom suspension / MRR Flow Forge wheels⁠
• Built Ford 9" / 3:73 Posi-traction differential
• Base Coat Clear coat paint
• SSBC 4-wheel power disc brake system
• Electric Power steering
• Shaved Door handles & Drip Rails.
• Custom Sound system with Bluetooth & Navigation

As a car enthusiast, you already know modern technology allows us to transform vintage platforms into incredible performance machines. But you probably don't realize the extent to which those machines are built. In what amounts to literally buying a car and sending it directly to a reputable shop, you can have a classic that feels just as comfortable, performs just as well and looks twice as nice as any showroom new equivalent. That's exactly what happened with this insane Camaro pro-tourer. Born from the universal appeal and broad aftermarket support, this sinister coupe is a virtual tour-de-force of proven mechanicals. And with a clean body that's dropped on a custom suspension, fitted with a two-tone leather-lined interior and bolted to a twin-turbo LS6 block, it's the kind of killer classic that makes factory-fresh bowties shake in their run-flats. If you're shopping for some fully-sorted muscle that puts a modern twist on an old school favorite, you're looking at your next car!

The beneficiary of a professional, frame-off restoration, this slick '69 Camaro features a seamless coat of DuPont Chroma Premier that's highlighted by some ridiculous body modifications. Take one look down the sides of the car's rock-solid body and it becomes very obvious that great care was taken to ensure every panel is aligned to better-than-factory standards. Go ahead and step closer to that body's mirror-like pigment and check out its straight and ripple-free surfaces, which are a product of both clean OEM sheet metal and high-quality replacement panels. Grab the pivotal pieces of that well-adjusted sheet metal and experience the kind of excellent fit that's right at home reflecting a summertime car show. Then step back to admire one very well-done pro-tourer that's built to exacting specifications thanks to a great combination of skilled workmanship and first-rate finishing techniques.

On the sacred tree of hot rodding, pro-touring cars, along with its pro-street brethren, often receives the most attention. That means high-end, high-profile cars must have exceptional looks to back up their big claims. And nowhere is that dedicated attention to aesthetics more prevalent than this Camaro's topnotch detailing. At the front of the coupe's body, a satin black grille hangs neatly between the once vacuum-operated headlights. However, due to the huge intercooler, those vacuum-operated headlights no longer possible. So, we made those once operating headlight doors to sit standard and outfitted the car with custom LED high & low beam headlights to take the place of the old school standard bulbs. So no more worrying about whether or not those headlight doors will open or not and you'll have no problem seeing anything crossing your path at night from miles away. A simple painted bumper with stock parking lamps rests below those upgraded headlights. Above that grille, two custom vents were built into the header panel to help feed air into the engine cooling system. A traditional cowl induction hood leads the eye to smoked glass that's framed in straight gloss black trim, which is flanked by F2 sport mirrors. At the front of that hood, two satin black racing-style hood snap latches keep the hood from coming open during high speeds (not just "pretty" bolt-on parts here - with the amount of power this car is putting down, these are absolutely necessary.) On the sides, the rain drip rails have been removed and the door handles shaved, which add to the cars slick and simple styling. The satin painted marker lamps also add to the overall menacing look of the car. Taking a look around the back of the car, you'll be happy to find flush-mounted billet LED taillights, a slight modified D80 spoiler, a second show-painted bumper and a highly modified rear lower roll pan.

After opening the hood and catching your breath upon seeing this Chevy's smoothed engine bay, you'll find an absolutely glorious aluminum LS6 twin-turbocharged beast of a powerplant. This serene mill is capable of producing 1,000 horsepower once boost is turned up and supporting fuel is present. ONE THOUSAND. At the front of the buff black aluminum block sits fresh twin K&N filters that pipe wind into two highly polished turbos. Atop the engine sits a polished crisscrossed Power + Plus Intake manifold and a custom-built manifold dress-up cover that helps hide the rest of the manifold bolts and parts of the fuel injection plumbing. At the back of those heads, a quality MSD distributor sequences fire between an MSD box, and familiar 8.5 mm high conductive plug wires. At the sides of those wires, stainless steel headers funnel spent gases into large-diameter tailpipes and throws those gases forward into the turbos. And in front of those turbos, a beefy aluminum radiator, which is sandwiched an A/C condenser and an intercooler for the turbos, a snazzy core support cover panel and two electric chrome puller fans, circulates water past the serpentine system. While this engine's main purpose is to JUST GO at a very high rate of speed, it's still very impressive to look at. And accessories like Painless wiring, braided hoses, AN fittings, billet hood supports, and custom flattened out firewall ensure it will leave other show-goers and gearheads with their jaws on the floor.

Take a gander under this wicked F-Body and you'll find a fully detailed chassis that mixes new-age technology with old school durability. Rock-solid floor pans wear a coat of texture black. At the center of those floors, a turbo-friendly TKO 600 5-speed trans sits with a Centerforce clutch. Hit the throttle & drop the clutch and a built Ford 9" with 3:73 Gears spins power through a posi-trac differential. Stopping is worry-free thanks to SSBC 4 wheel disc brakes, with four drilled and slotted rotors. The exhaust is handled by 3-inch, stainless pipes that swirl spent gases through a set of stainless Borla mufflers, and large-diameter turndowns. At the front of the car, a Detroit Speed suspension system mixes modern power steering with tubular control arms, swaybar, and coil-overs. At the back of the car, a rugged 4-link suspension mixes high-quality mini tubs with two more coil-overs. The torque this car produces melts the pavement thanks to striking MRR Flow Forge wheels which spin the large 315/35ZR20's in the rear and 245/45R18's on the front with Nitto Invos all around those painted spokes. As you can tell by our pictures, not a detail was missed on this Chevy's fully-sorted undercarriage. And every part, from its oil pan and proven starter to its custom stainless fuel tank and 9" rear-end, has been carefully planned and professionally executed.

Behind this Camaro's solid-closing doors you'll find a custom two-tone leather interior that wraps firm leather buckets in high style and rich comfort. At the front of the car, a custom, leather-topped dash hangs a slick set of SW gauges above a premium satellite navigation audio system with Bluetooth, and Vintage Air climate controls. Below that dash, a custom-built console graces the center of the interior and anchors the shifter and cupholders along with four billet power-window switches. Below that console, high-quality carpeting rides between the factory foot pedals and new sparkling door sill plates. At the sides of that carpet, crisp clean door panels twist small chrome handles in front of big speakers with factory door pulls. Above those panels, a supple suede headliner features a custom-built overhead console that runs from front to back and carries two overhead LED interior lamps for convenience. In front of the driver, a snazzy color-coded leather & billet steering wheel spins around a satin-finished tilt steering column. And behind the passengers, a custom package tray with mini headrest is built-in which sits over a full custom classy, upholstered trunk.

Sometimes the best cars are the ones that speak softly. No blower sticking through the hood, no stall-inducing idle and no wild graphics. Just a clean, solid, well-constructed classic that was purpose-built to look great and kick asphalt. With its timeless style, excellent performance and modern comfort, this slick '69 Camaro is a BLAST to drive and admire and show off to everyone and anyone. Don't miss the chance to own a powerful, well-sorted performer that's even cooler today than it was in 1969!









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