1967 Chevrolet Corvette 427/435hp

•  Vin # 194377S114715
•  427ci/435hp Tri-power V8
•  Correct side-exit exhaust
•  Correct Muncie 4-speed manual transmission
•  Correct posi-traction differential
•  Correct 3.70 gears
•  Correct 4 wheel disc-brakes
•  Original 15-inch wheels
•  Restored complete in 2014
•  Black leather bucket seats

Ask any Chevrolet fan to name the most desirable Corvette ever produced, and 8 out of 10 will probably say the 1967 Sting Ray. Make mention of a big block, side pipes, and a unique color combination and the level of interest goes from strong to off-the-charts in a matter of seconds. No matter how good the new cars get, it's difficult to top the direct driving experience of a mid-year car. This killer '67 coupe wraps a Tri-Power 427/435 and a Muncie 4-speed transmission in one of the coolest color combinations to grace the showroom floor this year. Add a few options, and you have the ultimate 1967 mid-year Corvette to drive.

According to the trim tag, this slick C2 left GM's St. Louis assembly line March 25th of 1967. Decked in the unique combination of code 900 Tuxedo Black paint and a Black Vinyl interior, (restored with black leather) the car surely caused some commotion wherever it was originally delivered. Thanks to a careful restoration, the exterior of the car packs the same kind of punch as it did in '67 with fresh black paint complemented by a Red stinger stripe painted on top of the black, as it would have been back in the day. There are no bonding seams visible from any angle, panel alignment is good all-around and, when you get up close and personal with the car, it becomes very obvious that someone invested a lot of time and money into correctly restoring its smooth canvas. A thorough examination of the details reveals headlight doors which fit well, lines that are crisp, a laser sharp crease that surrounds the entire body, and aggressive 'shark fin' fenders which haven't been abused by an overzealous sander.

Thanks to a renewed dedication to motorsports and a heavy influence from the original Mako Shark concept car, the second generation Corvette benefits from a much more sporty and striking appearance. At the front of the car, a body-width stainless grille sits inside of show worthy stainless trim which is bordered by two chrome trimmed parking lights and an excellent looking chrome bumper. Above the bumper, a red, white and black Corvette C2 cross flag emblem is affixed in front of a 1967 exclusive Stinger hood which has been detailed with chrome trim and black inlaid "427" emblems. Behind the hood, stainless windshield wipers clear great looking factory tinted glass which is framed by like-new stainless trim and a chrome driver's side bowtie mirror. At the sides of the car, 1967-exclusive heat extractors ride in front of correct chrome door handles and stainless side pipes which are equipped with traditional finned heat shields. At the back of the car, a chrome trimmed center mounted Corvette fuel filler sits above a fresh black and chrome "Corvette Sting Ray" emblem. The car's rear valence holds two centered reverse lamps and four traditional all red Corvette tail lights above a chrome trimmed tag bracket and two razor blade style bumpers.

Tip this Corvette's glossy black hood forward and you'll find a fully detailed and freshly rebuilt 427 cubic inch Tri-Power V8 which is branded with a 1967-exclusive 3904351 casting number and stamped with both a correct 7114715 partial VIN and a "JE" special high performance, manual transmission suffix code. This is the correct block, casting numbers, and date codes for when this car was built. but this may not be the "born with" block for this car as far as we know. As it was pointed out to us during the restoration process by three 1967 Corvette experts we had brought in at three different times, the block could have been decked at some point early in its life when saving numbers wasn't so important. So there is no definitive way to prove this is not the born with motor, as well as no definitive way to prove it is the born with motor. So, in this case, it's safer to just say as a seller, it's not. As we all know, many of these cars were drag raced back in the day, and sometimes the motors didn't survive the abuse. We were able to trace all previous owners back to 1972. But between 1967 and 1972, we cannot find the owner, or owner's names, or any history for that matter.

Introduced as the ultimate option for street-prowling Stingrays, Chevrolet's Tri-Power big block spun a stout 11:1 compression ratio into a factory-rated 435 horsepower. At the top of this engine, a correctly decaled chrome air filter sends air into three Holley two-barrel carburetors which ride on top of a correct aluminum over sprayed intake manifold. (Note all three carbs are the correct numbers and date codes.) To the sides, correct numbered and dated code rebuilt heads hide under simply painted valve covers. At the back of the engine, a chrome-capped distributor sends spark from through sleeved suppression wires which snake around correct exhaust manifolds. The front of the engine offers a correctly shrouded radiator which sends coolant through reproduction GM hoses and correct tower clamps. Bright Chevy Orange paint covers the block and, as always, looks great against a fully finished hood and satin black inner fenders. Correct decals are present and accounted for and niceties such as a fresh correct numbered alternator, reproduction Delco Energizer battery and a correct rebuilt master cylinder ensure that this 'all GM' Corvette runs just as great as it looks.

Put this Corvette in the air and you'll find a highly detailed and restored undercarriage that is every bit as solid as it is clean. In the center, a rugged Muncie four-speed manual transmission sends power back to a factory Posi-Traction rear end packed with 3.70 gears. The combination is a blast to drive and effortlessly delivers the neck snapping launches and potent acceleration Corvettes are famous for. At the ends of the car, a fully restored double A-arm front and independent rear sports suspension are completely detailed down to its transverse rear spring. At the four corners of the car, standard equipment four wheel disc brakes for a comfortable driving and stopping experience. Above the rebuilt suspension, original fiberglass floor tubs are bolted to a straight and clean satin black frame. Below, power flows to the ground through classic 15-inch rally wheels which spin a fresh set of 215/70R15 Firestone red line radials around pristine center caps. Everything from this Corvette's fuel tank and new hardware to its Chevy orange oil pan and correct side pipes is ready for the show field. (There is a new set of bias ply show field tires that go with this car as well.) During its restoration process here at Custom Classics, all measures were taken to carefully replace all correct markings and all the fine details inside, outside, and underside as you would expect in a top award-winning car of this caliper.

Swing open this car's doors and you'll find fresh black interior which provides an excellent contrast to the car's Tuxedo Black exterior panels. The foam underneath the seat covers has seen just enough use to walk the line between looking right and feeling right. Below, the new carpet, which is protected by new floor mats, features correct loop black shading. At the front of the car, stylish aircraft-inspired gauges, which appear to be rebuilt originals, look fantastic next to the brushed metal panels on the glove box and center console. At the sides of the car, great looking stainless trimmed door panels hold chrome handles for the car's doors and windows above perfectly placed armrests. Above the seats, a pristine vinyl headliner is stretched tight between a new chrome mirror and fully functioning dome light. In the center, the dash flows into what is commonly called a waterfall design which begins at a continuous motion clock and cascades through a correctly tagged AM/FM radio to the base of a fully functional chrome shifter. In front of the driver, a nicely restored Corvette Rally wheel props glowing satin finished spokes and a slick wood rim around a pristine C2 Corvette cross flag horn button. Behind the seats, a fully fresh carpeted storage compartment.

This sharp C2 comes with an owner's manual, warranty booklet, radio instruction tag, Muscle Car Corvette Nationals Concours GOLD Certified certificate, and the Diamond Award it received in November of 2015. There is no tank sticker or original owner's papers. We do have owner history back to 1972 and a draft of David Burrough PROVE IT report. The car was delivered new at Ed Rinker Chevrolet in Centerville, Michigan.

Big block Corvettes have been blue chip collector cars for years and show no signs of loosening their hold on the market. This '67 427ci/435hp black on black coupe offers the chance to own a period correct car that won't ever get lost in the crowd thanks to its killer color combination. The quality restoration completed here at Custom Classics in December of 2014 ensures that, whether you're simply admiring the car or touring the back roads, there won't be any disappointments. If the time has come to fulfill your second-generation dreams, don't miss this one. 



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