1970 Buick GSX Stage 1 Tribute

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Here at Custom Classics, we've been showcasing a lot of top notch pro-touring cars lately. Our latest addition to our inventory is a frame-off restored Saturn Yellow 1970 GSX Stage 1 Tribute car.

If you've always wanted a GSX Stage 1, but can't swing the $140,000 that they're bringing in this market, here is your one chance to own the next best thing without all the stress and worry of putting down that much cash. This car will win many awards and get all the attention of the real deal, but you'll also leave a real Stage 1 car in the dust with the intimidating 592 horsepower this car has.

Now that I have your attention, allow me to introduce you to this radical Buick in the next several paragraphs. First off, let's just be clear here… This car started its life as a regular Buick Skylark, so there's no need to contact us saying it's not a real GSX. She wasn't born Saturn Yellow, and it sure wasn't born with this high horse power 455. So for the purists out there, it might be time to stop reading and try to go find a real one for at least twice the money of this one. If you're curious to know, this car was born with a 350ci V8 with Cornet Gold poly (VIN decode below) Now, onto the rest of you gear heads still with us! This car is for the guy or gal who wants lots of horsepower and enjoys driving their car fast and hard - someone who wants a fun driver, but still an exceptionally restored example with quality performance parts.

This award winner was the recipient of a professional, frame-off rotisserie restoration. Nothing was left untouched and the vehicle was returned to a much better than factory fresh showroom condition. Every weld and gap is exceptional, giving this bold and luxurious Buick the ability to win major attention from any judge in any organization. Step back and admire the consistency of the yellow paint across every panel. Close the door to hear the confident thud that gave Buick a reputation for rock solid cars. Take a moment to follow the GSX side stripe as it flows to the back of the car and lines up perfectly with the centered GSX spoiler decal.

The first thing a judge (or anyone really) will notice when they walk up to this car is that sense of craftsmanship in the details. Painted in urethane base coat clear, and wet-sanded and polished to a brilliant shine while leaving almost no orange peel in the finish. You can't help but to notice this incredible high gloss smooth finish when you walk up to the car. The pristine red and white GSX decals and red pin striping combine with the Saturn Yellow and black paint to really set the car off. New chrome bumpers, door handles and window trim add the substance and class expected from a Buick. The factory hood mounted tachometer completes the look and acts as a nice conversation piece. Original equipment red, white and blue Buick tri-shield center caps adorn the custom Billet 17” wheels that help give this car the right pro-touring “look.” Completing that look are a nice set of Nitto Extreme ZR tires. P245/45ZR17 in the front and P275/40ZR 17 in the rear. With the wider tires offset in the rear, it gives the car an aggressive stance that lets everyone know this car means business. These fat tires also help keep this monster tamed to the street and hugging the curves.

Under the hood of this GSX resides a concours' restored looking 455 with the Stage 1 performance option decal. This car is now offering a Buick 430 cubic inch block punched out to a 501 putting out 592hp with 637 ft.lb. at 4400 rpm's of torque straight from our engine builder Speed Performance Inc. with a dyno sheet. Fun fact: It wasn't until the introduction of the 2003 Dodge Viper that this Buick lost the title of highest torque producing American car, but that doesn't really matter too much with the pro-touring beast as it packs even more power. The original cost to have this engine built was just over $28,000. The engine was dyno stand (engine out of the car) tuned this past February 4th of 2015 and all the specs are listed on the dyno sheet, which is available to view.

Even with this massive motor, this GSX has no difficulty putting the power to the ground as it comes equipped with a full Hotchkis suspension kit including the front sway bar and upper control arms. In the rear, the car is equipped with upper Hotchkis trailing arms, and a rear stabilizer bar, firmer front and rear shocks, rear firm ride springs and rear Hotchkis lower control arm assemblies. Factory power assisted front disc brakes and SSBC Force 10 Extreme brake kit in the rear keeps everything under control under hard braking, while variable ratio power steering keeps everything on the road. Backing up that 501 Buick engine is a over restored GM TH400 3 Speed automatic, with a shift kit installed in it. That hydramatic transmission sends power to the rear wheels through a 12-bolt Posi-Traction rear end with 4:11 gears and a Buick high performance axle. In keeping with the theme of this restoration, the underside of the car is near spotless (see photos for yourself!) and when you're standing under it looking at all the money spent on suspension, exhaust, etc., it's enough to make your head spin.

On the inside this GSX is one of the cleanest interiors I've seen. High quality fresh vinyl seats and new door panels are highlighted by perfect and luxurious chrome trim. Optional custom front and rear seatbelts and a full-length console add a sense of completeness to an already impressive design. A factory optioned Rallye steering wheel serves as the focal point and looks right at home in front of the upgraded dash. Featured in that dash now is a factory option chrome trimmed gauge and the correct Sonomatic AM radio. From headliner to carpet, this interior has been concours' restored to the highest standards. We also added a touch of real carbon fiber to the dash and center console, which adds more muscle inside this muscle car and classes things up a bit.

The sale of this vehicle will also include a disc of the photoshoot photos we did that you see here in high quality. It will also include the dyno sheet and all paperwork from the original and recent engine work that was done. There are nice muscle cars out there, and then there are the real “muscle” cars with tons of horsepower… this Buick GSX Stage 1 tribute car is one of those muscle cars that was built right, without worrying about what was being spent. I'll say it again, if you want the look of the real thing, but don't want to take that large of a hit buying one, here is the next best thing… or some may say, THE better thing. Call today!

4 = Buick
35 = 350 v/8 Skylark
37 = 2 door hardtop coupe
0 = 1970
K = Built in Kansas City Plant
118323 Sequential production number 


Engine Type

Buick V8 592hp


Body Color

Saturn Yellow

Body Style














Interior Color


Center Console


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