1961 Chevrolet Impala ProTouring

Sorry, this vehicle has been SOLD. If you were interested in this car and would like us to help find or build you a similar one, please contact us at 847-487-2272.Check out the video below!HIGHLIGHTS:• Dart Big M Block 9.8 deck 4.5 bore W/ 4-bolt Billet mains w/ 67mm TWIN TURBOs.• Customized chassis by McCoy Race Car Chassis with Upgraded suspension • Slick Shaved body/Standox Urethane base coat clear.• Built 4L80E 4-speed automatic transmission• 4-wheel disc brakes• Custom black heavy grain leather interior • Custom Fab Rear –end housing W / 9” center section / Posi-traction differential / 3.73 gears• Custom Ordered Schott wheels• Custom InteriorWith big '60s Chevys being highly desirable collectables in factory-correct form, it takes quite a bit of nerve to pull the gloves off and create a killer resto-mod. But, as you'll see, the results are definitely worth the six-figures it required to finish this amazing hardtop. This Impala possesses the kind of performance and style that literally defines 'one-of-a-kind'. Ready for a first class build that combines everything great about front row Customs with modern road rocket technology? Check out this killer bowtie bubble top!BODYWORK/TRIMSealed in a sophisticated combination of Metallic Blue and Satin Black inserts, this slick Chevrolet is the beneficiary of an extensive, ground-up restoration that was completed over the course of 4 years. After being stripped to bare metal, the car's solid body was patched, worked and sanded until it displayed better-than-factory alignment. That body's combination of form, fit and flash is reinforced by high-gloss Standox clear, which was blocked several times and buffed to a mirror-like shine. Custom satin black inserts on the hood and sides with polished side factory trim complete this world-class look.The greatest thing about building a massaged third generation Impala is the crouched, laid back aesthetic most street rod enthusiasts crave is pretty much standard factory fare. At the front of this fully sorted full-size, a straight, chrome grille hangs a classic crest and clear parking lamps and the factory 3-piece bumper. Above that grille, a shaved hood leads the eye to the custom pushpin hood latches and satin black hood inserts. The factory cowl leads your eyes up to the like-new glass under bright stainless frames. At the sides of that hood, a fully shaved profile fender tops and sleek crisp trim. And looking to the back of the car the undeniable 61 impala deck lid and the jet-inspired taillights leave you wanting for more.ENGINEA wild Twin Turbo 509 Big Block that provides plenty of solid and crazy motivation powers this sweet looking Chevy. Straight from the machine shop, the racy mill utilizes 509 cubic inches that produce 669 horsepower and approx. 640 lb./ft. of Oak-shaking torque. And that's only on the street tune with 93-octane fuel at ONLY 13 lbs of boost. Now hold on... Let's dump that fuel out and fill her up with 110 Race fuel, slip in the race tune in, turn up the boost and she will produce 1500 HP to the wheels with no problems. The way we have it now, the engine will out perform the fuel pump. The folks at Dyno Source in Wadsworth, IL tell me if we upgrade the pump the engine will produce over 2000 HP with ease. But at this point we've spent plenty of money and have had Dyno Source run this on their Dyno several times. I wouldn't let them push this thing harder than that, just because I didn't want to hurt the motor. There is just way too much invested to be stupid on the Dyno. We are more than pleased with what it produces now, and you and I both know at almost 700hp to the rear wheels that's enough to get your self in trouble, so why push it any more?So lets get down to what's inside that 509, here's the specs:• Dart Big M Block 9.8 deck 4.5 bore• 4 bolt mains• Ohio crankshaft Billet 4.0in stroke crank.• Oliver Billet rods w/. 990 pins.• Rod bearing clearance .0035• King bearings (Cam, Rod, and Main)• Main bearing clearance .0038• Diamond forced induction forged aluminum pistons• Piston wall clearance .006• Hell Fire piston rings. Top ring end gap .035, second ring end gap .040, Oil ring gap .015• Melling high volume anti-cavitation Oil pump.• Milodon 7 qt oil pan with windage tray and pick up.• Competition Cams Custom Turbo Camshaft.• Cloye billet 9-way double roller timing chain set.• Billet Aluminum Timing cover• ATI Super Damper Harmonic balancer.• Crower HIPPO solid roller lifters.• Smith brothers 3/8 .120 wall pushrods.• Competition Cams 1.7 ratio rocker arms with guide plates.• Dart Pro 1 345cc Heads hand ported and flowed with 2.30 intake, 1.88 exhaust Ferrea valves.• Competition Cams # 947 Valve springs installed at 2.00in with 350lbs on the seat. 117cc combustion chambers.• ARP Head studs.• Edelbrock pro-Flow XT EFI intake manifold hand ported.• Fabricated Aluminum Valve covers• ARP engine bolt kit.• 120lb Trick Flow Injectors• MSD digital 7-coil pack.• NGK Spark plugs.DRIVETRAIN/SUSPENSIONThe car's spry 509 Dart Block is, first and foremost, augmented by a fully refinished X-frame that mixes subdued looks with proven brawn. The original X frame was customized by the People at McCoy Race Car Chassis down in Washington MO. The front frame section was removed and a custom fabricated front tube chassis replaced it. A front rack-and-pinion setup was added as well as upper and lower tubular control arms with 4-wheel disc brakes for some much needed stopping power. They then added some custom framework along the outside of the X-member to run along the inside rocker panel area to further strengthen the body. At the center of that chassis, a tough 4L80E Built 4-speed trans makes good use of a shortened driveshaft. That driveshaft twists a proven custom fabricated 9” rear-end set of gears, which seats 3.73 gears and a posi-traction differential between those fat 345 Mickey Thompson rear tires. 4 wheel disc brakes, which squeeze 12-inch drilled and slotted rotors, provide smooth and solid stops. Spent gases flow through 3” large-diameter custom made, fitted pipes and throaty turbo mufflers. That fancy exhaust work under the car was thanks to John at Ultimate Exhaust in Crystal Lake, IL. The crazy twisted pipe work under the hood, which is a work of art, comes from the guys at Dyno Source. The power meets the pavement through custom Schott wheels which spin a rear set of massive 345/35R18 Mickey Thompson's. The front wheels spin a set of HanKooK 225/45ZR18. Everything from this Chevy's color-keyed fenders to its beefy sway bar, tuck nicely under that beautiful body.INTERIORWhen you open the door you're hit in the nose with a nice leather smell coming from a mix of black leather and vinyl. Behind the car's lightweight doors you'll find a luxurious mix of heavy grain leather on the seats and vinyl on the side panels as well as rich thick black carpeting. The Comfy, custom front bucket seats are accompanied by a full custom center console which houses the rest of the gauges needed to keep an eye on what's going on under the hood. And yes, we even added a couple of cup holders because you'll need two hands on the wheel when you hit the gas pedal. From the driver's seat, you'll look over a factory crisp, clean dash loaded up with a few extra gauges to watch that motor, as well as your speed. The steering column is an Idid-it that attaches to the rack & pinion steering. Beneath the dash, black carpet frames its way around the 8 point certified roll cage that's tucked away and somewhat out of sight. You'll also see a factory style radio in the dash, but that's only for looks. Opposite of that console, sculpted side panel's center small wing window handles between stock door handles and armrest. Above those side panels, a factory correct looking headliner frames matching accents on both doors. In front of the driver, a stylish MoMo steering wheel laps a billet gear selector and convenient, tilting column. We finished it off with a set of black seat belts up front. The rear seats as you will see in all the photos resembles the original factory look, and we figured, why change an Iconic impala look? Then behind the passengers seat you'll find a show-finished trunk and fully upholstered hidden compartment under the subfloor of the trunk. The interior was done by our friends at Cassin Customs up in Woodstock IL.Included with the sale of this car is the build paper work and invoices from the builders, as well as the Dyno sheets and a CD of these pictures we took for this add. The color is Midnight Blue Metallic, and the paint code is GM 914 WA28154.So if you've been holding out for a killer 61 Bubble top to come along that will raise hairs on the back of your neck, as well as turn heads and comes with plenty of bragging rights, well wait no more! Now's the time! This car took 4 years to build and way more money than anyone should have spent, but they did, and now it's your turn to own this car and own the road.  


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