1956 Chevrolet Bel Air

Sorry, this vehicle has been SOLD. If you were interested in this car and would like us to help find or build you a similar one, please contact us at 847-487-2272.

After serving the classic car industry for over 30 years as I have, I see a lot of cars come through our doors. It's easy to spot a vehicle that you can tell the owner was really passionate about his car during the restoration process. Those cars present a clear and present focus on quality with little to no regard to the bottom line and checkbook. This '56 Chevy Bel Air hardtop is definitely one of those cars with everything on this car built to the highest of standards, both in function and drivability as well as show. This two-door hard top makes a strong first impression and backs it up with a killer driveline.Check out the video below and listen to that blower! Let's give you some highlights of this Bad Boy!

First off, it's not hard to tell after looking at 100+ pictures that this '56 was completely frame-off restored, with almost every single nut and bolt completely new or restored. Try doing that on your next project and you'll see how crazy fast that adds up to a good size chunk of change! All new ball joints, tie rod ends, powder coated upper and lower control arms, all new bushings, all new stainless brake and fuel lines, new fuel tank..… I could go on and on, but let's keep going with the good stuff.

One look at this striking engine bay and you'll quickly see why this car sounds and performs so well. A B&M Mega Blower and dual quad Holley's with an Edelbrock air cleaner hangs on for dear life to the built Chevrolet 350ci 4-bolt main block below. An over sized aluminum radiator with polished over flow tank keeps things cool. All that air being violently sucked through the engine exits through a beautiful dual exhaust system with H-pipe. It's a 2.5” exhaust that has been chrome powder-coated and includes a nice powder-coated set of Flowmasters.

All that power comes to a smooth stop thanks to 4 wheel disc brakes with chrome master and booster as well as black Willwood brake calipers in the rear.

Power from that commanding 350 comes down through a Turbo 400 automatic trans, and attractive chrome B&M trans pan. It then hits the ground thanks to a Ford nine-inch rear-end with 3:55 gears and John's Industries 31 Spline Axles.

Now what about that great stance, because stance and wheels can make or break a car's look. Well, this car has done it right with 2” drop spindles up front and 2” dropped leafs in the rear. To finish off the classic tri-five pro-touring look, everything here sits on a great set of wheels and tires. Toyo LX II Luxury Touting tires 245/45R17 up front and Daytona ZR's 255/45ZR17 in the rear wrap the billet 17” American Racing Torque Thrust wheels.

Interior and Exterior Highlights:

Let's just start with the obvious… that laser straight body with wet-sanded, slick and smooth, urethane two-tone paint. Notice the 2.5” raised steel cowl hood that is just as smooth and lustrous on the underside as the top. Just the paint and body alone in a professional shop across the country will cost you well over $35,000 to get it to the excellence that you see here.

If there is one thing we can all agree on that we like about 50's cars, it's ALL THAT CHROME! On this '56 Chevy, each chrome piece has been beautifully restored and polished including the stainless trim. The owner and builder have invested a small fortune of time and money in chrome and trim on this build and it really is quite a marvel. The bumpers have been reworked and chrome-plated by someone who took great pride in their work. It's hard not to notice a car at a car show where the chrome and trim work are correctly polished to a highly reflective sheen. Make no mistake; this 1956 Bel Air's chrome will certainly turn heads on a sunny day.

All the glass was replaced when this project was completed, with a slight smoke tint to it for added flare and to try and keep some of summers sun from heating things up inside the car. Speaking of summer's heat (or even a cooler fall day), all that can be avoided inside the car, thanks to Vintage Air's heat and A/C system, with a polished A/C compressor and polished lines coming out of the pump.

All new chrome and trim inside the car greets you when you open the doors. The sweet scent of leather is going to fill the air when those doors come open as well, and I think it's safe to say we all can appreciate that smell.

Other nice touches inside include 2-speed wipers, Dakota Digital gauges, with digital clock, Flaming River polished tilt-column, and a new 14” steering wheel. Under all that, a layer of soundproof padding was stuck to the floors before the new gray carpeting was laid down. On top of the clean white leather seats are a set of front and rear seat belts (in matching turquoise color), so everyone you're taking to the steakhouse or cruise night can have a great ride and still feel safe when your lead foot takes control over you. To finish things off on the inside, there's a new vintage-looking sound system with updated front speaker mounted kick panels, to help kick favorite tunes up your way. Details, details, details, and yes… even the trunk is finished in the same white leather-paneled sides and fine gray carpeting on the floor.

There is a lot of Tri-Fives out there built to high quality standards, with some crazy variations of color schemes. Now factor in this Tropical Turquoise and White ultra-clean build inside, outside, and underneath, with a fully sorted 350 drive line (with a huge blower), and you have one very narrow list.

So there's only two questions you should be asking at this point: “Do I really want to build a '56 myself and spend possibly two years and well over $150,000 for something of this quality… OR… do I place a call and buy this one for a fraction of the cost and drive it this week?” Hmmmmm, decisions, decisions. Luckily, that's an easy one to answer! It's time to get on the phone and secure the keys to this one-of-a-kind, high-performance 1956 Chevy Bel Air today. 


Engine Type

Chevy 350ci


Body Color

Tropical Turquoise / White









Bel Air


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