1964 Mercedes 230SL

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Vintage Mercedes' like this expertly maintained 1964 230SL are the perfect combination of old-world luxury and universal appeal. Quick, competent, luxurious, stylish, and built like a Panzer tank, they are the choice of many classic car collectors who like to both show their cars and drive them on weekend getaways. With Believed to be only 61,365 kilometers which is only 38,130 miles on its' original powertrain and no collision or major body damage recorded, this rock solid 230SL is about as close to driving a new 52 year old luxury car as you can get. If you're one of those Daimler diehards who are looking for the ultimate old school Merc, this Arizona SL is an incredible find!

This pristine, lightly used 1964 Mercedes 230SL is an exceptionally well-maintained classic. Its subdued, brilliant Metallic Red paint carries just the right amount of refinement worthy of a Mercedes badge, and looking at its solid flanks, there's no question it was constructed with some fine workmanship. The car originally left the factory in Germany in white and it's evident that someone meticulously disassembled the car to fully repaint it in the current metallic red you see. This appears to have been done quite obviously by professionals as the quality of the finish is top notch. The body is as close to virtually blemish-free for a 52-year-old car as one can get. The fit, finish and panel gaps are exactly what you would expect from a vintage car with the three-pointed star on its nose. For a car that is almost 52 years old, has been driven steadily as a weekend car the entire time and has never been fully restored, this 230 SL is simply remarkable!

Like most vintage Mercedes, this 230SL's styling is brilliantly executed with straight, sharp edged proportions which recall the days when automakers didn't have to worry about wringing the efficiency out of every single drop of gasoline. At the front of the car, a traditional over-sized and chrome trimmed SL grille cages a large chrome Mercedes emblem between two pristine headlights and two bright fog lights. Below that grille, sits a showroom fresh freestanding front bumper. Behind that grille, a sculpted hood wears a traditional chrome Mercedes-Benz badge in front of stainless windshield washers. Behind the hood, crystal clear factory glass sits inside of excellent stainless trim which hooks to either the factory correct brown cloth top to keep out summer rain, or an optional Brilliant Red accessory hard top to mount a heavier assault on nasty winter elements. At the sides of the car, laser straight body moldings parallel both smooth chip guarded rockers, which are painted satin black as Mercedes did when it was new. In the middle of the doors slick chrome handles add form to function, and at the top of the doors, the factory chrome mirrors look good. At the back of the car, pristine two-color taillights ride above a freestanding chrome bumper, and nice chrome Mercedes trunk emblems complement the subtle chrome trunk trim.

Lift the long hood and you'll find a lot of advanced technology for the time period, which allows this 230 SL to provide smooth and powerful acceleration. It almost defies the laws of the mid 60's automotive physics. Its' silky and quiet 6 cylinders deliver enough grunt to make the car feel much lighter than it actually is and, with a flick of the key, starts up and hums to life with a subdued little rumble from the tailpipes. Let it be noted, the engine numbers DO match and this is the original motor the car was born with. Take it out on the road and with a stomp of your right foot, the Mercedes 6cyl quickly glides this rock solid Mercedes up to double digit speeds in no time flat. The motor is smooth, and accelerates well in any gear, and has plenty of torque at any given speed or time.

Cosmetically everything here looks like a well preserved time capsule, which isn't surprising given the cars meticulously kept exterior and interior; and since it was produced well before the OEMs questionable obsession with plastic engine covers, you can plainly see how well-maintained every seal, bolt and electronic component is. From the clean inner fenders to the radiator, this Mercedes is nothing but vintage class!

At the bottom of the car, 100% original floor pans are covered in thick original undercoating which is still fighting rust producing moisture over five decades after it left the showroom. Everything from the brake hoses to the new exhaust system, all the way back to the fuel tank and fuel lines look to be in good working order. Under those floors, rock solid Mercedes engineering provides a luxurious ride that, while not too firm, also doesn't feel like a traditional luxury barge. The brakes provide reliable, drama-free stops from virtually any speed within reason. On the outside of those disc brakes, spotless 14 inch painted steel wheels present the new fresh white wall tires P195/75R14 Custom All Season Touring tires. A solid convertible like this cool Mercedes can turn even the most monotonous drives into fun, open-air adventures. Thanks to their combination of summertime sun and stiff structure, it's no wonder these cars were and still remain one of the most popular hobby Mercedes of all time.

Inside, this well-mannered 230 SL is vintage luxury at its finest. Soft, perforated leather buckets are supremely comfortable and look great in their classic saddle tint. In front of those seats, crystal clear gauges are laid out in the typical Mercedes fashion of two binnacles with simple dials and lighted pointers. Behind those gauges, a straight and fresh saddle dash is trimmed in wood, features a retrofitted radio and flows into a great looking wood topped console. Below the console, great looking saddle carpet presents much, much better than its age would suggest, and at the sides of the seats, padded saddle door panels feature great looking chrome trim and perfectly functional chrome door handles. In front of the driver, a familiar Mercedes branded steering wheel provides an excellent connection to the road while still maintaining a luxury car feel. Below the convertible boot, a fully prepped trunk has enough room to stash a couple of sets of golf clubs. The roof seals up as tightly as a sedan, but its good to know that Mercedes quality remains.

Included with the sales is the car is a reproduction owner's manual, original Maintenance book, and an original catalog for the car.

Both luxurious and capable, this 1964 Mercedes 230 SL is a substantial roadster that has been expertly maintained throughout its entire existence. Thanks to the SLs reputation for excellent engineering, Mercedes-Benz sells every one they build year after year, and vintage examples like this '64 enjoy a large group of dedicated fans. If you're looking for a great cruiser that, when it comes to Class and Mild performance, is a genuine iron fist in a silk glove, you simply can't go wrong with a this slick 230 SL! 


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