1978 GMC Vandura

Sorry, this vehicle has been SOLD. If you were interested in this car and would like us to help find or build you a similar one, please contact us at 847-487-2272.Aaaaah The 70's… a fantastic experience in the midst of a unique culture! These were the days of pet rocks, mood rings, water beds, crystals, incense, and wild color. There were fads, changing times, and VANS. Back in the 70's, Chevy vans were totally 'groovy.' They came in all kinds of shapes, sizes and colors, with wild paint jobs including some meticulously airbrushed murals on the sides. Even the big auto builders got in on this custom van craze with Dodge introducing their “Adult Toys From Dodge” campaign in the mid 70's that included their very own custom 'Street Van.' But without a doubt the king of the custom vans was General Motors, and there was never a more famous van than the one in our favorite childhood Cartoon Scooby-Doo, with the ever famous “Mystery Machine.” Well here is a near perfect example of some of those classic vans from the late 70's. This one stumbled its way into our hands and we just couldn't pass it up. We received several calls from an elderly lady whos husband had passed away and she had a van that she needed to sell. Alright, I must admit the first time we talked I wasn't interested in the van. But after her several persitant calls to us, I finally had her send me some pictures of the van. When I saw the van I couldn't believe I was looking at a 1978 GMC with no rust on it; basically a time capsule on wheels, if you will. As it turns out, her husband had spent over $15,000 having this van stripped down and completely repainted. It was repainted in its original color, but this time using basecoat clear urethane. We all know the paints in the 70's always checked and eventually failed, so with this van now having a quality, expensive paint job on it, it becomes more interesting to everyone that loves these old vans. This one is all the same color, whichs leaves things wide open to the next owner. You can either leave it this way, or have a custom mural of your own painted on it. What the heck, with the current Star Wars craze going on now, you can paint this baby up with Star Wars theme all over it. (You should definitely do that because that would be AWESOME. Just saying.)Highlights:• 50,915 original miles• 350 V/8 4 brl• 1 ton suspension• Copy of Original window sticker from Rinke Chevrolet in Michigan• Completely repainted, in urethane basecoat clear• Pictures of the van being stripped to bare metal & repainted.• 70”s correct-era aluminum turbine wheels.• Mild custom interior.• Dual Pop up sun roofs• Propane heater ( not currently hooked up )• 2 custom floor safesSo there you have it, one clean smooth driving 78 GMC van. What you do with it next is totally up to and your imagination. She runs and drives down the road great and takes you right back to those fun vanning days of the 70's.Only know defects :The tires are showing some dry rot on the side walls. 


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350ci V8


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