462ci V8 - Factory Air Conditioning - power convertible top - power steering

In the world of collector cars, some classics tend to overshadow their peers. If you're shopping Chevelles, you're probably looking for an LS6 Super Sport. If you're shopping Mustangs, you're probably looking for a first-generation coupe. That's a somewhat sad but beneficial phenomenon. Sad because it means a lot of great cars just don't get the respect they deserve. Beneficial because a lot of fine big metal, like this sweet Maroon Lincoln Continental, can be purchased for very reasonable prices. As cool as it is big, these convertibles have become very desirable over the past 5 to 6 years. It represents a time in our history of big Detroit cars and is a very traditional American luxury car that's simply unmatched in scale and grandeur. Looking for the perfect way to grab a neat old car and enjoy every aspect of the hobby? Check out this awesome convertible.

this coupe's clean Maroon fuselage is the perfect canvas for far-flung detail. In fact, the car's luxurious yet traditional big Lincoln body is decidedly stately, proving once again that good taste never goes out of style. With a recent repaint in the past few years the solid fuselage lines up beautifully, featuring wide doors that open and close with ease. Stainless steel trim Spears outlining the full length of this land yacht stretch 18.5 feet down the sides of one of the longest profiles ever built. And overall, this Lincoln's looks defy the decades its VIN suggests.

Speaking of fit and finish, everything on this incredible Detroit creation is exceptionally well planned. And the car carries just the right amount of ostentatiousness to make an impassioned first impression. At the front of its massive body, a broad bumper frames folding, "Continental" branded header panel and a massive grille that's centered on a sharp Lincoln gun sight. A characteristically linear profile complements intricate and almost custom looking front bumper. classy mirrors and a power antenna. And out back, a second broad bumper frames spotless taillights and a big beautiful fully dressed Continental decklid that's finished with a Continental emblem that cleverly disguised the lock cylinder.

The motivation for this 5,700-pound beast is provided by Ford's 462 cubic inch V8 which, according to the factory, twists a conservative 340 horsepower into 485 ft./lb. of smooth torque. Believed to be largely original, the massive engine bay is in great condition throughout, featuring many correct components and factory markings. All major service items are functional, including factory air conditioning. The big mill still reflects bright Ford Blue engine skin. And the car's Satin Black fenders are clean, its firewall straight, and all the places you'd expect rust to hide are resoundingly solid. They have obviously have kept the car up and have maintained the engine as well as its appearance under the hood.

Bottom-side, this Continental is equipped with Ford's reliable and sturdy C6 3-speed automatic transmission, which drives a 9-inch axle and mild, 3:00 gears to effortless highway cruising. That powertrain rides a heavy-duty suspension, which mixes sturdy front disc brakes with requisite power steering. Exhaust is handled by factory-style pipes, which frame factory replacement mufflers. Like the car's engine bay, that undercarriage is clean, honest and certainly not afraid of wet weather. And everything rolls on the gorgeous white wall, and steel wheels, which spin 225/75R15 whitewalls Radials around factory stainless steel wheel covers.

Decked in original Maroon with gray leather, this Lincoln's ornate interior serves as a central highlight of an already comfortable and appealing classic. Pillowy seats, pairing a slight reclining option for the front passenger with standard power adjustment for the driver and front passenger, are nicely padded pieces that feel every bit as supple as they look. In front of those mitts, a stainless-trimmed dash hangs an optional Quadrasonic 8-track player amid factory climate control, conservative factory telemetry, and a classy clock. At the sides of that ledge, leather-trimmed door panels frame an array of power accessory switches. And in front of the driver, an attractive steering wheel, and below on the dash highlights factory Speed Control. These interior door trim panels are on firm and tight, and not flopping or broken like many of these big Lincolns door panels you'll see out there in the marketplace today.

**Side notes **
The car's power top works great, and the convertible top itself looks new. The weather seals on the doors themselves are new and the door jambs and door shells were also painted very nice when this car was restored. The convertible top seals are in good condition, showing some signs of age, but still all intact. Overall this car is in fantastic condition, and rides and drives very nicely, and very reliably.

These Big Continental convertibles are just cool, clean fun. And every time we park a well-optioned example in our showroom, the phones start ringing off the hook. Take a good, long look at the body, drivetrain, and interior on this cushy Lincoln. There's just no way anyone could restore a classic this well without significantly overshooting our asking price. Don't be that guy who calls late and asks: "Is it still available?" Pick up the phone and call now!


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