ground-up restored, 298cc, 4-speed, canvas roof

• Ground-up restoration
• 298cc BMW 1-cylinder
• 4-speed manual transmission
• Retractable canvas roof
• 10-inch steel wheels

In the collector car world, unique cars usually command big attention and serious money. If you're in the market for a cool car that always draws a crowd, but you don't have room in your collection for a large Caddy, this 1960 BMW Isetta 300 just might be what you have been looking for.

The recipient of a ground-up restoration, this tidy BMW layers a combination of red and white 2-stage paint on the bulbous sheet metal, that prior to its massage, was essentially rust-free. At the front of the car, a two-tone red & white door hangs correct badging and a mirrored bumper between polished bumper guards, a polished handle and a polished wiper. At the sides of that door, polished body panels lead the eye to chrome-trimmed headlights and bullet-style marker lamps, which found sliding side windscreens beneath a canvas roof. And at the back of that roof, a small fuel cap and rear plate bracket, and two more taillights and a second mirrored bumper.

When the original BMW Isetta hit the scene, it featured a 236cc, 12 horsepower motorcycle engine. But, thanks to regulations adjustments, 1956 saw the introduction of the 300 model and its 298cc, 13 horsepower mill. Interestingly, that micro mill spins torque to a tough 4-speed transmission that's ready to pound the pavement. There's a quartet of drum brakes, which have no problem bringing this lightweight rig to a fast stop. And power meets the pavement through stainless-capped steelies, on 10inch tires.

Simplicity has always been a main selling point of the Isetta, even in the realm of classics. And you can't get much more basic than this coupe's clean cockpit. An upright bench features an appealing brown vinyl. In front of that seat, a small mirror reflects a simple speedometer. To the left of that speedo, a pristine inner fender props a small shifter behind sparse climate control. And in front of the driver, a color-keyed steering wheel laps small foot pedals.

Vintage European metal has aged with more grace than most, wearing designs that are still capable of turning heads in their basic factory form. And since they're pretty scarce in many parts of the world, polished bubble cars get snapped up almost as quickly as they hit the market. Ready to cruise in something truly unique? Here's your chance as we have this one listed at an attractive price of $35,995



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