THIS IS A COMPLETED RESTORATION AND THIS VEHICLE HAS BEEN SOLD. If you are interested in a similar vehicle, please contact us on our website here.

• CLEAN RUST FREE body with faux airbrushed Patina style paint
• Fully-sorted Malibu resto-mod that's the product of a fresh restoration
• 396 Big Block V8 Chevrolet Performance
• Aluminum Radiator with dual electric fans
• 4 Speed Muncie M21 Manual Transmission
• 12-bolt rear end / 3.73 gears
• Upgraded power steering
• 4-wheel power disc brakes
• Holley Sniper EFI Fuel Injection
• New Interior

-- More Driving, Less Stress --
Everyone loves a glossy paint job with super cool graphics and that perfect "just buffed" mirror-like shine, right? You can see your reflection a mile away and take pride in making sure every single speck of dust and fingerprint is accounted for. But what about driving it every weekend to department stores or cruise-ins? Every single rock chip in the road scares you when it flings up and makes a noise. Every weekend consists of detailing and waxing your perfect paint tirelessly and you can't help but worry about all those scratches and swirl marks! The maintenance bills to get a full detail and buff away hose tiny swirls in the clear coat or the time involved doing it yourself... that's a lot of daily stress and time you're adding to your life that can be spent better on other things. Like, just driving and enjoying your classic car. We intend to go out and cruise in our classics as much as possible, with as little stress as possible, and with the hottest-looking car as possible so we had an idea. What if you can have a solid, rust-free bodied car, some Chevy Big Block power, and one-of-a-kind patina style that will turn heads everywhere you go? Sounding pretty nice all of a sudden? Keep reading...

-- The Lived-In Look --
“So, what exactly is patina? Think of it, perhaps, in terms of your favorite pair of shoes or jeans. When brand new, putting them on for the first time probably gave you a particular feeling. That shop fresh, pristine look draws admiring comments from your friends. And then, over time, they become 'lived in' and start developing a very different character altogether. And suddenly you like them even more, but in a different way.

That broken-in look – the scuff on the sneaker, the discoloring of the denim around the knees – is a form of fabric patina. Likewise, cars can change appearance over time depending on how they've been used or stored. And the effect is unique to your particular car.” (1)

-- Patina, Without the Wait --
If you too have fallen in love with the patinated look but aren't prepared to wait, or want a car that lasts and isn't a mess of rust that's just been clear-coated over to look "cool," then this clean and solid-bodied Chevelle Malibu with its incredible faux patina airbrush work is here for you.

-- Don't Believe Your Eyes --
It may be hard to believe your eyes here... but if you take a look through some of our paint process photos, you'll see what we started with here was a clean and solid car with decent glossy paint. After purchasing this car from one of our friends and customers, we decided to do something a little different with it. The result? People can't stop talking about it! Our favorite response is utter disbelief when we tell them it's not a rusty car and that we somehow made the patina paint so dang convincing that they can't even believe their own eyes!

We installed new bumpers and some new trim but left other things alone like the stainless window trim which actually looked better left in its original state to help the patina look. When you open up the doors and look at the jams or peek under the car, you won't be finding any rust holes as you'd expect on other classic car builds with the rust patina look. Also during the build, we opted to spice things up a bit by adding a SS Chevelle hood to give for some more aggressive styling and flair.

-- Built For the Blacktop --
Staring at the front, you may be able to spot the upgraded tubular control arms and a front sway bar which helps keep all that big block power under control. The underside is clean and solid and was obviously a very clean car at the start of this build. Upon inspection, the floors feel solid and have been painted satin black. A tough Muncie M21 4-speed manual transmission spins torque through the drive shaft into a GM 12-bolt rear end. (Would you have it any other way?) Also under the car, you'll see a brand new fuel tank and all-new dual exhaust system. This beautiful Chevy rides on a fresh set of Ridler 5-spoke aluminum wheels and new tires as well. In the rear, we have a set of Street Comp 275/40R18 tires and upfront, a set of Mickey Thompson 245/ 45R17 tires.

-- Cruise in Comfort --
Open up this A-Body's solid doors and you'll find a tastefully upgraded interior that's both attractive and timeless. In the middle of that cockpit, a factory 4-speed console draws your eyes to the factory clock. Black factory-style bucket seats and a clean new rear seat are right at home in this American classic. The headliner, side trim panel cards have all been replaced along with the carpeting and steering wheel, and a new Dakota digital dash display was installed. During the restoration process, the outside door and quarter glass belt molding trim and window fuzzies were also replaced, along with the trunk jack that was swapped out for a new one and installed in the trunk. Last but not least, is the all-new sound system which you can probably just leave off for a while because you'll be enjoying the sweet sound of that 396 big block instead. A new head unit and speakers have been installed in the new rear back window panel.

Want to know the best thing about classic American muscle? The fact that it never goes out of style. Of the many awesome sub-cultures our hobby continues to spawn and support, American muscle is one of the most desirable and relatable. And, once you slide behind the wheel of a truly ONE-OF-A-KIND classic like this sweet Chevy, you'll understand exactly why. If you're ready to experience the magic of some of Detroit's finest iron wrapped up in one of the coolest custom faux patina paint jobs' to grace the car show scene... schedule a visit and take a long look at this awesome Malibu!

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Marina Blue







Chevelle Malibu


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