1962 Oldsmobile Cutlass F-85

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When introduced in 1961, the Olds F85 was the carmakers entry into the rapidly growing market for economical compact cars.

This true Classic car elevates transportation to a pure art form that resonates qualities from the Art-Deco era. This is an incredible piece of the Americana in the classic car world. It combines true V8 power with sleekness, beauty, and the iconic Oldsmobile comforts. There are only a handful of classic models like this that tickle your nostalgic funny bones and this beautiful 1962 Oldsmobile F85 two-door sedan won't disappoint. The car has had only one repaint, which was just professionally completed here at Custom Classics. This Olds unbelievably retains its original interior with the exception of the carpeting. This example is equipped with an original ALL aluminum V8 215 cubic inch 4- barrel carb, Rockette 185hp engine that's bolted up to the factory automatic transmission. It has a new single exhaust system and runs just as smooth as it looks. There is only 72,985 original miles on this beauty and by the looks of the original seat covers and headliner; we have to believe those miles are correct. This little car is wearing all of its original driveline parts, as well as all of its original sheet metal. Looking at the beautifully sparkling wet paint job may make you wonder what kind of shape was it in before we painted it, well take a good look at all the chrome and stainless trim… that is ALL original. We have not re-chromed any bumpers or any trim. This Oldsmobile lived its life in Pennsylvania and came to us with little to no rust on it – all that was really wrong with it was the paint was simply faded.

We decided to invest the time and money to put a new paint job on it to restore the car to its former glory. Almost all the trim was removed to refinish this car, this was not your cheap and fast paint job, but instead the same quality paintwork that you'll find on the prestigious collector cars we restore here. You'll see for yourself when you come and view this car. It is really a stunning example of the early Olds Cutlass.

Here's a few specs for this 1962 Oldsmobile F85 two-door. Exterior color is Marlin Blue, interior is a two tone blue, which was very common back in the day and perfectly compliments the car. Car Life magazine tested an F-85 with the standard engine and automatic transmission and recorded a zero to 60 MPH time of 14.5 seconds with a top-speed just over 100 miles per hour. This is a true delight to drive and the looks can't be beat. The vinyl interior is in fantastic condition it has all 5 original steel wheels as well as four original wheel covers.

Summer is among us, and you would be hard pressed to find another F-85 2 door hardtop this unusually clean. If you add up all the ingredients that make this Olds Cutlass such a cool car, the final tally is much larger than our asking price. There are no shortcuts, no marginal parts, and nothing that looks out of place on this restoration. This is one classic that'll be as reliable as it is beautiful and is sure to appreciate over time. 


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215/185hp Rockette V8


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