1964 Dodge 330 MAX Wedge

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1964 DODGE 330 Post "MAX Wedge"

There are few cars we love more than the early industrial strength Dodges and Plymouths. You know, the cars that were a little more than full-tilt race pieces that you could buy right off the showroom floor. Today, such cars are highly sought prizes for serious collectors, and this stunning 1964 Dodge 496 is one of the most amazing machines we've featured. Built with a 426 Street Wedge, a 727 Torq Flight Automatic trans... and precious little else. Even more amazing is that this one shows only 31,355 original miles (not a misprint, but you know how those miles were accumulated), and it was given a full comprehensive cosmetic and mechanical restoration in 2006 and still looks as nice as the day it was completed. If you're a fan of double-throw down early Mopar muscle, this car is a must-have.

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HIGHLIGHTS:496 Aluminum head Cross Ram Max Wedge, Built by the Famous B-1 Bomber himself, Dave Koffel SR.Original Magnesium cross Ram IntakeFactory AFB Carb's4" Custom Exhaust Miyamoto Built Coated HeadersDyno tested at 608 Horse Power727 Torq Flight Push Button Automatic trans 8-3/4 Sure Grip Posi rear-end with 3:55 gears.Front Disc BrakesLaser straight body, with slick-wet urethane clear coatThe great thing about these factory hot rods was that they were all engine and very little of anything else. This one comes with seatbelts, which were mandatory in cars in the state of California. Many hours were invested in order to get it into its current breathtaking condition in 2006. Sullivans Custom Painting did the beautiful work you see in our pictures. The body was done in two-stage urethane and applied over the freshly massaged sheet metal, which now fits better than any factory-made Mopar in history. Gaps are excellent throughout, the finish is concours quality, and there's not a mark on the car.At the same time, all the original trim was polished and reinstalled, including the original style grille, emblems, and bumpers. That striking trim strip that stretches the length of the body is nearly flawless. The square tail light lenses are also all-original. Heck, even the little Chrysler Pentastar logo on the lower right front fender is the one that was installed back in 1964. And it goes without saying that the glass is original as well, other than the windshield. This car is a truly remarkable specimen.As shocking as it may seem, that interior is almost entirely original. the carpets and seat covers were replaced with correct materials by Legendary, but otherwise, the upholstery, the door panels, the dash, the headliner, and even the package shelf are 100% factory original pieces. We gave some of the brightwork a little polishing, but for the most part, this car is exactly as it was on 1964 when it rolled out the door at the factory. The steering wheel is original, the gauges remain beautifully finished, and even the pedals show very little wear. There is no radio, and that's the original block-off plate in the center of the dash. There's no console (which would add weight), the spotless trunk received a correct mat, and we're pretty sure that's the original spare tire back there!Documentation is fairly extensive. We have all of the restoration receipts, and a bunch of promotional materials that came with the car as well as the magazines it was featured in, as well as reproduced, factory-looking booklets. We have the Dyno sheet and the engine builder's paperwork. All of this info will go with the car.So let's recap, shall we? 31,355 original miles. Crisp clean interior and chassis. Show quality paint and bodywork. This isn't just a cool car, this is a cool car that is completely unmatched by anything else on the market. If you're a fan of the industrial-strength Mopars, this is a car that will absolutely amaze you in every way. Few Dodge production cars are rarer, and even fewer are faster. If you've been looking for the right car, you've just found it. Call today! 


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