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Are inspectors protecting your dreams, or do they have alternative motives...?

Third-Party Inspectors vs. Local Mechanics, Restorers

If you’re in the market for a classic car, it’s like any other investment: You want a great buy and a lasting, preferably rising value. Can’t inspect it yourself? Simply want an unbiased, professional opinion? Consider your choices.


  • It is the inspectors’ best interest to undervalue cars. Their firms may prohibit top ratings (no matter a vehicle’s quality) to reduce or eliminate liability risk.
  • The inspector is paid whether you choose to buy or not. He or she is paid again if hired to review a second car, and so on. Ask yourself, could the prospect of re-hire be further incentive to undervalue?
  • Do you know who your actual inspector is and their personal qualifications? Do they have firsthand experience repairing and restoring classic cars or are they just ASE Certified on late model autos? Do they have the ability to judge honestly if a fault is serious or superficial?

Local Mechanics and Restoration Shops

  • Their business is in repairs and restoration. They have firsthand knowledge and experience with classic cars. They can relay any imperfections and let you know if it's serious or superficial. Unlike like an inspector that can point out an oil leak, a mechanic can also tell you if it will cost $50 or $500 to correct.
  • They are dependant on their reputation for quality repairs and restoration.  Since inspections are not their main line of business they do not need to undervalue a car to protect their interest.
  • If you choose to purchase the car, we can make any necessary repairs before you take delivery.

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Frank Koeder Email:       phone: 847-840-7557