1967 Chevrolet Malibu

VIN # 136177K142027:

Trim tag decode:

12D – Assembled during the 4th week of December, 1967
ST67 – 1967 model year
13617 – Chevrolet Malibu coupe
KAN – Manufactured at GM's Kansas City assembly plant.
142027 – Sequence number
763-B – Black vinyl bucket seats
E-E – Deepwater Blue paint
W – Tinted glass
Automatic transmission
Deluxe seat belts

The engine is a 396 big block #3902406, which is a passenger block with oval port heads.

Here is your opportunity to own a great muscle car that's super solid and a great driver for a great price. This car found us actually - we didn't find it as per usual. An older couple that were retiring walked into our show room and asked if we would want to come see an old car they had in their garage that was no longer driven often. Since the car was only a mile away from our store, I agreed to go see it. I was pleasantly surprised to find a solid, clean Malibu sitting in the garage. Opening the door and looking into the car I was once again impressed to find a very clean interior. I asked to start it and back it out of the garage, and was given the go ahead. I fired it up and that big block came to life as I pulled it out into the driveway. The more I looked around the more impressed I was, a clean trunk, solid floors, and a clean engine bay with a nice set of tires on it, what else could you ask for!

Needless to say we purchased the car because these kinds of garage finds just don't happen too often, especially one that is a mile from you. Once we got the car back to our facility, we replaced the front and rear bumpers with fresh new ones. The old ones were just kind of tired looking and the rest of the car looked too nice. We also added a new aluminum intake and new carb. I'm not sure how old the other carb was, but we felt it was time for an update. So It received a complete tune up, with new plugs, new plug wires, etc.… basically everything that goes along with a tune up. We also changed the oil and cleaned up the valve covers. Last but not least, it previously had the mufflers dumping under the car, which I don't care too much for, so we went and had a complete new duel exhaust installed on it with some nice sounding mufflers to give it that true muscle car sound. Not that the car didn't sound good before, but those dump under the car systems always seem to blow a lot of dust up from under the car after you have just cleaned it.

Bottom line, it's a clean car with a clean interior that can be driven anywhere for cheap money. Everything inside the car works, the gages work, dash lights come on, and the old radio even works great. We build and see a lot of high line high dollar muscle cars here at Custom Classics, but we don't seem to get a lot of good solid old cars in here that are reasonably priced.

The paint and body work on the car look like it could have been done about 15 plus years ago. Even though the pictures look good (and NO there's no trick photo shop work going on here) it's probably about time she had a paint job. You can drive it as it is for several more years or you can have it painted over the winter, either way we are selling it as it is, so perhaps the best way to describe it is, it is a great entry level muscle car at a very desirable price point.

Look at all the pictures including the underside, and call today to discuss how you can get this cool 67 in your garage. 


Engine Type

396 V8


Body Color

Deepwater Blue













Interior Color


Center Console


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