1969 Plymouth GTX

Sorry, this vehicle has been SOLD. If you were interested in this car and would like us to help find or build you a similar one, please contact us at 847-487-2272.HIGHLIGHTS:• GTX 440 375 HP 4 brl cubic inch Super Commando V8• Rotissarie restored• 15" chrome Magnum 500 rims• New Mickey Thompson Red Line tires• HD 4 Speed transmission• Over $80k spent on this Restoration• Chrysler 8 3/4 rear axle• Covered in Beautiful Ivy Green MetallicIn 1967, Plymouth unveiled a top of the line Belvedere model that they marketed as the “Gentleman's” muscle car. By 1969, the GTX had a new look that wasn't as boxy as when it was first unveiled and could pack a serious punch with either the standard 440 or with a 426 Hemi. With only a life span of four years, finding any GTX is tough, but much harder to find one in such great condition as this 1969 GTX we offer here.The beneficiary of a nearly $80,000 restoration, this '69 Plymouth GTX sits today in absolutely spectacular shape. This GTX has so much going for it, it's tough to list it all. Under the hood rests the feared 440 Super Commando that is paired with a HD 4 speed transmission. Topped of with a completely restored interior and a killer Ivy Green Metallic paint scheme, this is one truly unique ride. But before we get too far into the description, lets first look at how this car left the factory by decoding the VIN and fender tag.VIN: RS23L9A243211• R: Belvedere• S: GTX • 23: 2-door hardtop• L: 440CID Hi-performance• 9: 1969 • G: Assembled in Lynch Road Michigan. • 243211: Sequential production numberFender tag read bottom to top and left to right:• E86: 440-4 375hp • D21 HD 4 speed Trans • RS23: 2-door Hardtop GTX• L9G: L = 440 375HP 1-4BBL 8 CYL9 = 1969A = Lynch Road Michigan, USA•243211: Production number • F8: Ivy Green metallic (upper color) • F8: Ivy Green metallic (lower color) • P6X: Trim Code Black Interior Buckets• T7: Interior door frames 1969 build date • 319131924: Vehicle order number • M21: Roof drip rail moldings • M33: Body side moldings • R11: AM Radio (2-watts) • C16 Console with BucketsN96 High Altitude EmissionsEND: End of sales codesThe GTX was advertised from its beginnings as the “Gentleman's” muscle car. And when you take a close look at this '69 it's easy to understand how they came up with the moniker. At the front of the car, a body-width chrome trimmed grille centers a silver “GTX” emblem between four clear headlights, a good looking body-width chrome bumper and clear, square parking lights. The Ivy Green hood features two modest hood scoops that warn everyone about what lies under the hood by wearing chrome 440 badging. Down the sides you'll see the black paint that accent the Green paint very nicely. Within the black is the V6R coded, longitude red stripe that gives that car just a little extra pop. (At the time of these photos we had not yet installed the red Stripe) As you make your way to the back, more GTX badging can be found on the quarters and on the rear bumper. Another body wide chrome bumper finishes off the look, resting above the dual exhausts.Most people today revere the Hemi as the ultimate Dodge engine, but don't underestimate the 440 Super Commando, it was easily just as feared as the Hemi. Sure, the Hemi left the plant with 425hp, and the 440 created 375hp. However, the Super Commando peaked its torque curve at 480 lb/ft at only 3200RPMS while the Hemi created 490 at 4,000 RPMS. That 800 RPM difference created a small but realistic opportunity for a slightly tuned GTX equipped with the 440 to outrun the Hemi if handled with a little skill. Lift the immaculate Ivy Green metallic hood and you'll reveal the big 440 staring you in the face. On the right side of the block, the Super Commando 440ci V8 wears a correct casting number and the date For this year car. At the top of the block, the air filter casing is labeled with 440 Super Commando decals. The air filter rests upon a 4-barrell carburetor that sits on the original intake. The massive engine provides little room for anything else within the engine bay, but in front of the engine is the radiator that is responsible for cooling the engine and beside that a period correct battery.Put the GTX on the lift and you'll reveal a beautifully well done underside that looks like it has never seen real road time. Under here you'll see that bolted to the 440 V8 is the 4 speed transmission that sends power to an 8 ¾ rear axle stamped with the correct casting number. The GTX rides on chrome Magnum 500 rims that have been wrapped in Mickey Thompson red-line rubber.Inside the GTX is just as impressive as the rest of the vehicle. Open the driver's side door and you will be greeted by a correct coded Black interior. Two bucket seats greet the riders in the front seats, while a bench seat in the rear means 5 can go for a ride in this very stout muscle car. In front of the driver is a wood grain three spoke wheel that looks fantastic. Beyond that is a 150mph speedometer and the rest of the instrument cluster, and just to the right of that are the controls for the AM radio. Below those controls is the shifter for the 4 speed trans and mid arm rest section that separates the front two seats. Above the passengers is a taught ribbed headliner that shows no signs of sag or wear and finishes off the look of the incredible interior.The sale of this professionally restored GTX includes the Original broadcast sheet (see “extra” photos tab)The GTX may have had a short production life, but the lucky owners who snagged up the Gentleman's muscle car swore by them then, as much as they do now. As we all know these cars continue to rise in price, and normally hold their value very well. Don't miss your chance to own this gorgeous 1969 GTX at only a fraction of the cost that it took to restore this car to its former glory. 


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440 Super Commando V8


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Ivy Green Metallic











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