Is there any sports car manufacturer that's remained truer to its heritage than Porsche? The staff in Stuttgart have single-handedly built an 86-year legacy out of performance-minded engineering, while designing some of the most endearing cars ever produced. Today Porsche is one of the most well-respected automakers on the planet and the brand enjoys a cult-like following that was forged through cars like this 1975 911S.

Featured here we have a classic unrestored 1975 Porsche 911S wearing a coat of Irish Green after being repainted from its original red color. From what we have been told, the car was updated with a 1988 Porsche fuel injected engine and manual 5-speed transmission. After sitting for some time in a garage in Lake Geneva, WI, the car has been recently gone through by our team to get it back into running and driving condition. The car needs paint and an interior if you were to start to think about restoring it. However, one could rip the interior right out and save some weight and go out and enjoy the line-carving 911S in all its glory - on the race track. As car enthusiasts, we all know that every serious sports car manufacturer sells various levels of capability. And, much like Ferrari's GTO or Corvette's Grand Sport, Porsche's S moniker essentially guarantees hardware that can handle intense track time.

These air-cooled Porsches are climbing in value every day and now is a great time to grab your own 911 project car and enjoy restoring it, turning it into a track car, or just enjoying it as it sits - you really cannot go wrong in a 911. This 911S is, without a doubt, one of the coolest Porsches ever produced. And if you're a savvy enthusiast looking for a classic sports car that has value, athleticism and equity, it's one of the best collector cars your money can buy!


Engine Size

3.2 Liter V6


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