Custom lifted bagged show truck, insane sound system, train horns, must see!

If you've ever been to or heard about the SEMA show in Las Vegas, you'll know that these lifted trucks are all the craze as of late. It is not uncommon for the owners to drop over $100k+ into their trucks... and that's on top of the purchase price of the truck. The modifications vary from simple lift kits to completely over-the-top custom frames, beds, suspension, cabs, etc... the sky is literally the limit.

There's nothing quite as impressive on the road than one of these bagged lifted show trucks, day or night, they really can turn some heads. Here's your chance to grab one of these fun lifted show trucks with plenty of bells and whistles at a reasonable price.

This truck was originally framed off restored in 2012 and still looks great today. After we purchased the truck we took care of freshening it up, as well as doing some nice little upgrades here and there to keep it current in the truck scene. There's sooooooo much here to go over so let's just dive right in!

Since the paint job is so great and brilliant, let's start there. It's painted in House of Kolors Brandy Wine, Tri-Stage & clear coated a mile deep. Then wet sanded and buffed to a high smooth shine. We all know what the cost of custom paint jobs run nowadays, this alone makes this truck a super deal. Its got a 2005 front clip on the truck with a custom hand fabricated grill on it, and a cowl hood. During the frame off build, they took the frame and back-halved it, and they sanded and smoothed off every little bit of it, then applied a high gloss coat of silver on it, and buried that in even more clear coat. Yes, this frame has as much clear coat on it as some of these new subcompact cars have on them.

All the windows were just tinted to complement the Brandy Wine paint job, add some privacy, and help reduce sun exposure. New tinted LED taillights were added to help update the truck. If you're really paying attention to details - yes - the tailgate was wiped clean of the ugly gate handle and it was flipped to the inside for easy access. A new Duraliner bed liner was just installed to clean things up and protect the truck (not that anyone can see up in there anyway).

Take a look at ALL four corners of this truck and you'll see it's wearing completely brand new custom wheels and tires. We chose some T.I.S. Forged chrome 24x16 wheels for this show truck (24's!), and it all rides on four new AMP 37x13.5 R24 tires that truly finishes this truck off nicely with a more modern look. And to be sure everyone can see your new wheels and tires and custom bagged setup, we've added some trick LED lighting at all four wheel wells that really make things shine at night. This is an AWESOME look rolling down the highway that can't be beaten - check out the video to see what we mean.

Open the doors and you'll be blown away, in more ways than one. The amount of eye candy on the inside here is mind-blowing when you try to imagine how many hours someone had into forming all the custom made door trim panels and dash panel. Much of the interior trim panels are painted in the same House of Kolors Brandy Wine paint as the exterior. Then, they finished that off with a custom two-tone interior that tastefully compliments the paint. All the seats were just updated and replaced by Cassin Customs during the latest upgrades we did to it. If the seats and interior with the Custom 15 inch DVD screen custom built into the dash aren't enough to blow you away, well then maybe this sound system surely will.

How about this for a crazy line up:
6 Kicker SS Series Speakers
4 8 inch SS Series Subs
2 12 inch Kicker subs
6 Kicker 2 ways
2 Kicker ZX 650 Amps
1 Kicker ZX350 Amp
6 Kicker Tweeters
JVC Head unit / with DVD player
15" custom dash-mounted screen

Not only does it look the part but everyone will hear you coming and going as well. OH! And just in case they can't hear you very well... or you just want to have a bit of fun around town making folks jump out of their seats, we've included some “Horn Blasters” Train Horns for your entertainment. And they're LOUD.

The driveline was updated in 2012 with a newer engine and trans out of a 2005 with an LS1 and nice overdrive transmission. Yes, she flys down the highway smooth as silk at 70 mph, many thanks to the new wheels and tires, as well as some great suspension pieces I will mention here. Let's start with new Bilstein Shocks, and if your counting you'll see EIGHT of them total in the wheel wells. There is also four new Connect Air Bags that air up FAST with the help of an Oasis Air Compressor and some good Air Max valves. The power steering is assisted by the help from some QA1 steering dampeners. Braking is made possible by a set of SS BC Tri-Power brake calipers, outfitted with Hawk Brake pads. That will help bring this Big Boy Toy to a smooth stop. The great exhaust sound comes from a custom dual exhaust system that flows through some stainless steel Magnaflow mufflers and dumps out back by the rear axle through some great looking stainless exhaust tips.

All of this cool driveline rides on a custom hand-built 4-link front and rear suspension. The control arms were also painted in the same silver color as the frame, and the custom center mounting area was hand fabricated and painted in the Brandy Wine color. The front end has a custom built dummy Axle, while the rear is set up with a Posi 3:55 gearing.

So there you have it, described as best I can. And if you were trying to add up dollars in your head, I'm sure you lost track. There are a few defects to point out that you'll probably miss when looking at all the cool pictures, but I want to make sure we note them for you. There are a few very minor chips that we have brush touched on the body, but not many. The cowl Hood is bent a bit by the hinges but also doesn't look bad enough to replace. On the interior, there are a couple of small cracks in the fiberglass down low by the carpeting that has been touched up, and there are a couple of cracks in the paint along the sill plates when you open the doors.

This will be a great truck for this 2019 summer season to turn some heads, blast your music, or blast a train horn around town for fun. This is a whole lot of truck and a whole lot of fun for a very small fraction of what it cost to buy and build a custom truck of your own. Call us today and lock this one down!



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